Bag Cover – L


  • Protects the camera bag from  elements such as rain, dust, sand, snow & sea spray.
  • 100% waterproof and lightweight.
  • first-level of protection from theft in crowded areas.

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CAMOLINE™ Bag Cover provides protection for your photography equipment bag from adversities of nature all year round. In addition, the cover also serves as a first level of protection from theft in crowded areas as it can prevent someone from quickly unzipping the bag and grabbing something out of it.

The camouflage cover easily slides on to the bag in seconds. . Its high quality elastic will keep the bag cover firmly in place. The bag cover is made from imported polyester fabric that is 100% waterproof and lightweight. The seams are sealed with imported sealing tape to make it completely waterproof & extend product durability.

CAMOLINE™ Bag Cover is available in two variants – Medium & Large.

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