• CAMOLINE® PAN-POD: India’s FIRST compact system for especially designed for wildlife photography
  • Ensures capturing MOMENTS in ACTION without having to lose subject focus
  • Rubber feet provide EXCEPTIONAL STABILITY along with EASE of SHOOTING from a beanbag and vehicle bonnet
  • MODULAR – 3/8″ thread screw for mounting most head types – Especially Astro, Landscapes, Waterscapes & Architecture
  • Compatible with VARIOUS GENRES of photography: Wildlife, Macro, Landscapes, Waterscapes, Architecture, Food, Product and Astro
  • Equipped with removable and adjustable 4x STANDOFF FEET, which prove invaluable in attaining the desired shooting angle, particularly when capturing Landscapes, Waterscapes, Architecture and Astro.
  • VERSATILE and LIGHTWEIGHT alternative to traditional tripods
  • Provides steady support for any combination of lens and camera
  • Made from rust-proof  aerospace-grade aluminium alloy
  • Includes – Storage Pouch,  Safety Disc & Tool
  • Price includes a standard shipping fee via DTDC


Prepare yourself to take your photography to the next level!

Have you ever lost an opportunity of capturing the best moment while shooting atop a beanbag or directly on vehicle bonnet, where there is every likely hood that you missed the shot due to slight turn of the focus ring. This error is greatly reduces by using the CAMOLINE® PAN-POD . It greatly improves capturing images of your favorite subject in action without losing focus ever again!

CAMOLINE® PAN-POD is India’s FIRST compact support system and your one stop solution. It can help in different genres of photography – WILDLIFE, MACRO, LANDSCAPES, ARCHITECTURE, FOOD, PRODUCTS and ASTRO too!

It’s large base provides exceptional stability & ease of shooting on most dry surfaces. The Modular design allows you mount practically any head with 3/8″ thread. However, for Wildlife we recommend only a Quick Release Clamp, QRC-PRO as it provides the most stable base. And for other genres of photography, one may use a ball head , Geared head, pan-tilt head or  video head.  It is made from Aerospace grade Aluminum Alloy that is rust proof and lightweight. Use the PAN-POD v3 as a steady support for any lens & camera combinations.

It comes with fixed 4x soft rubber feet, so you can now place the PAN-POD v3 on your vehicle bonnet too, providing excellent  stability or fear of scratching the vehicle surface! This also enables you to quickly shift from beanbag to the bonnet or ground level, get into the action without loosing time!

Additionally, it is supplied with removable and adjustable 4x standoff feet, you can conveniently place it on uneven surfaces too! This feature makes it the lightest alternative to any Tripod. Place it on the Ground or any elevated platform. Get a vantage point for your shot (Be it for Landscape, Waterscape, Architecture or Astro). This will help you trek light weight . Smartly conserve your energy and space by hiking light for the shoot rather than causing exhaustion by carrying a heavy tripod!

The PAN-PODv3 includes a safety disk & a SS Tool to ease mounting & removal of accessory.

The price of the CAMOLINE® PAN-POD includes a shipping fee by DTDC, and the delivery duration typically ranges from 3 to 7 days. In case you require expedited delivery, we do offer DTDC PRIORITY shipping at an extra cost. To inquire about the earliest possible delivery date to your location, please contact us via WhatsApp at +91 9886167367 and provide your shipping address

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Weight .450 kg