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  • India’s FIRST Lens Support Bean Bag with an Anti-Skid Base and a Head Mounting Plate (optional)
  • For all lens & camera combinations
  • Exceptiona

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CAMOLINE™ Lens Stabilizer is India’s FIRST Lens Support Bean Bag with an Anti-Skid Base and a Head Mounting Plate (optional). It is made from imported heavy duty polyester fabric that is water-repellent and lightweight.

The Lens Stabilizer can be used as a steady support for any lens & camera combinations. Its Anti-Skid base provides exceptional stability with both smooth & rough surfaces or when shooting from a car door, tree branch or a slanting surface. Its smart design will not allow it to roll over the railings of a safari vehicle.

The carry straps on our Lens Stabilizer are made from best quality Nylon yarn & custom dyed to match the fabric. The buckles are from ITW Nexus, US and the matching zippers & runners from YKK which are known for their quality & durability. Its dual opening enables faster & easy  filling! The Lens Stabilizer comes with one storage pocket that can be used to store small accessories like – Allen key, lens plate or equipment related tools. We have also provided a MOLLE system to attach small pouches that can hold a Tele Converter, a portrait lens etc.

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