Leech-Proof Socks


  • Water repellent fabric helps stay dry for long
  • Seamless, Soft & Stretchable bottom for comfortable fit
  • Bright colour helps to easily spot the leech/insect
  • Dual position bungee cords for good hold
  • Tapered designed for least slag
  • Comes with a matching Carry Pouch

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CAMOLINE™ Leech-proof socks is an accessory for self-care that offers excellent protection against leeches & other small insects. Now wade through forest floor, shrubs, marshes & grasslands in search of your favorite wildlife without worrying about leech or insect bites. Not only that, it helps to keep your feet dry, improves walking comfort and lets you spend more time on the field.

 CAMOLINE™ Leech-proof socks are available in free size. Its 5-position calf-length loops helps achieve best fit & offer wearing comfort.  The socks are made from imported polyester fabric that is 100% water-repellent and lightweight. The bright colour (LIME-GREEN) is in tune with nature, which will help you easily get rid of the leeches & let you concentrate on your photography or trek. The bottom is seamless & is designed to provide maximum walking comfort on long treks. The water repellent fabric prevents the trousers from getting wet when trekking or wadding through shrubs & tall grasses.

NEW IMPROVED VERSION of  Leech-Proof Socks v2 is available here!

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