Lens Cover – XL


  • Protects the Lens & Camera from Rain, Dust, Sand, Snow & Sea spray.
  • Single piece Lens Cover
  • Hood Gripper – Anti- slip
  • Multi-point Strap – Snug Fit & Multiple lens fit
  • Tapered design – Largest rear access diameter @ 8.9”
  • Waterproofed seams
  • Velcro closure – Easy Install & Lens access
  • Adjustable rear access with cord lock
  • Imported, Lightweight, Waterproof Polyester fabric
  • Includes a smart storage cum carry pouch

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CAMOLINE™ Lens Cover is India’s first Lens Cover with Multi-point strapping and Hood Gripper. It provides protection for your photography equipment from adversities of nature all year round. These are made from imported polyester fabric that is 100% waterproof and lightweight.

It is a ‘single’ piece cover that can slide on to the lens in seconds – saves time & effort. In addition, it also eliminates the possibility of water seepage that is likely with a two-piece cover.  It comes with a unique Hood Gripper to prevent it from slipping around the hood. Its adaptable multi-point strapping system allows to adjust the length of the cover and keeps it secure around the lens to provide best fit. All the seams are sealed to make it completely waterproof & extend product durability.

CAMOLINE™ Lens Cover are available in two variants – M & XL

CAMOLINE™ Lens Cover-XL is for DSLRs with lenses like 200-400mm, 400mm f/2.8, 500mm, 600mm & 800mm

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